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The Pergamano Show

With Paul Church

Thursday 15th July, 11am & 3pm

Hi there, everyone, thanks for clicking through from your emails.
This week it's our Pergamano Show and Paul Church will be spending his time with some very elegant ladies! At 11am and 3pm this Thursday 15th July on The Craft Store, we launch our brand new Groovi Plates designed by Barbara Gray. Her Elegant Ladies, which indeed they are, comprise a stylish collection of 3 A5 square Groovi Plates: Beauty, Grace and Elegance. Each Plate features a different selection of glamourous women - dedicated followers of fashion - they are adorned in a wide array of classic couture styles. Each Plate includes 3 or 4 shapely silhouettes with embossable clothing patterns and accessories to add to!

Paul will also be launching brand new Embossed Patterns Sampler Plates designed by Josie Davidson. We've launched set 1 previously and now bring you the Straight and Diagonal set 2. These exquisite Sampler Plates offer a range of pattern swatches for creating beautiful gridwork of various sizes, and when combined with the Elegant Ladies, the results are absolutely spectacular.
It truly is a Pergamano Show you don't want to miss out on and Paul can't wait to get started on showing off the amazing potential of these beautiful designs. See you then.

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