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The Pergamano Show

With Barbara Gray & Paul Church

Hi there, everyone, thanks for clicking through from your emails.

This week our TV offering takes the form of the Pergamano Show. Please do join Barbara Gray and Paul Church as they purvey perfectly practical parching practice procedures... Too much alliteration?
Anyway, as usual, the Pergamano show aims to teach and educate, helping you to grow in your love for and knowledge of this beautiful art from. Featuring the launch of our brand new Plate Mate for Groovi Grids, Barb and Paul will guide you through the amazing benefits this new Plate Mate offers and showcase how useful it is for enhancing your grid work. It's a Plate Mate for A5 square sized Groovi Grids. So, to demonstrate the benefits of the brand new Plate Mate, we're bringing along our Kings and Queens' Grid Duet Plates for the ride. Combined with the new Plate Mate, the creative potential is massive and we can't wait to show off the artwork and projects!

Thursday 19th February

11:00 am Pergamano Show

3:00 pm Pergamano Show

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