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Stencil Pansy (33311)

Stencil Pansy (33311)



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Using the stencils, the stencil pastels basic colours (21460), pastel colours (21461) and your fingers you can easily create a wonderful picture. The stencil pastel is applied to the edges of a stencil and subsequently rubbed into the opening of the stencil using your fingers. Using the stencil pansy you can create pansies both in full bloom and in the bud. This way you can create a different composition each time. Use the decorative border of small pansies for a beautiful frame of your stencilling. This can both be embossed and stencilled. The 3 numbered examples show you exactly how to place stencil for the desired picture. The self-adhesive backside ensure the stencil can't shift during the rubbing. Every package contains clear instructions and 1 stencil of the size 20 x 10,5 cm indicating the parts of the pansy.

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