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With Barbara Gray & Paul Church

Hi there, everyone, thanks for clicking through from your emails. We've got a very exciting set of shows coming up this week with new releases galore, including some very clever new stamps and the addition of brand new It's A Wrap Groovi Plates. As ever Barb and Paul will be on hand to guide you through the new products, teaching you how to use them and get the most out of them. There's lots to see and lots to learn we can't wait for you to see what they've both got in store. From Thursday's Pergamano Show, Barb's stamp-tacular 2-4pm show on Sunday afternoon to the blockbuster ODS, there is so much to enjoy. And you can read more about each show below.

See you there?

Thursday 1st October

11:00 am The Pergamano Show

The first Thursday of the month, I'm sure you all know by now, is the education Pergamano Show, designed to help you gain the skills and confidence needed to become an expert parcher in your own right!

3:00 pm The Pergamano Show

Join Paul and Barb at 11 and 3 as the teach and train using our exquisite Christmas collection of123 Plates designed by Linda Williams.

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Sunday 4th October

2-4 pm Crafting with Clarity

Then on Sunday, we really begin to kick of the month in style as Barbara gets super creative in her 2-4pm show, featuring some brand new and ever so clever stamps. Trust us, these are a game changer!

6:00 pm One Day Special

At 6pm we get October's first One Day Special underway. That's 5 shows across 24 hours as we launch our brand new It's A Wrap Groovi Plates.

8:00 pm One Day Special

These Plates are a great way to showcase the beauty and potential of parchment, allowing you to create 3d, foldable creations.

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Monday 5th October

8:00 am One Day Special

From envelopes to cards with hidden elements, our 'wrapping' Groovi Plates are a mechanical masterpiece with the intricate and exquisite details you associate with trad parching.

12:00 pm One Day Special

There are three new Plates in the collection, each one as essential as the last, designed to allow you to create a wide range of foldable styles.

4:00 pm One Day Special

From fixed cards with folding elements, to decorative sleeves and an envelop, there are many possibilities and uses, so do tune in for a cracking set of shows!

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